A water-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive designed for adhering textiles to pallets in the screen printing process. TexTac provides consistent registration without transferring to the garment. A single application may hold hundreds of garments before it is necessary to reapply. One gallon of TexTac lasts as long as 4 cases of aerosols. Freeze/thaw stable.


An inexpensive, water-based solution used as a plastisol, UV and
solvent-based ink barrier. This bright red blockout and touchup liquid
has just the right viscosity to spread easily over every mesh count.
Solvent-enhanced agents greatly reduce dry times, yet the formula is
nonflammable. Blockout 421 is water-soluble therefore, it is not
intended for use with water-based inks.


Provides the perfect combination of price and performance. With superior exposure speed and latitude, UDC-2 is ideal for printers in nearly every category.


ChromaBlue, for use with plastisol inks, is ideally suited for textile printers using direct emulsions who are seeking faster screen turnaround without sacrificing image quality.



Our aluminum frames are cut from 6005T5 alloy,   pulse welded securely

to insure a water tight seal, and ground smooth for flatness and handling ease.

Frame profiles range from 1/2" X 3/4" to 2" X 6" with wall thickness of either 1/16" or 1/8".

Omega-Bond® Standard

Solid core aluminum composite panel now featuring the same color and finish on both sides, as well as new sizes and thicknesses available


Omega-Bond Standard is a solid core ACM panel that features double or single-sided painted aluminum bonded to a solid polyethylene core making them rigid yet lightweight.

Omega SignBoard®

Exterior finished glossy vinyl over plywood core


Omega SignBoard features a hardwood core composed of a premium, exterior furniture-grade plywood with smooth, tight, sanded veneers for optimum surface beauty. With its brilliant white vinyl finish, the surface of Omega SignBoard is impact-resistant and formulated with high-performance UV inhibitors to reduce fading.


Painted aluminum bonded to both sides of a furniture-grade exterior plywood core


LusterBoard is composed of a premium, exterior furniture-grade plywood, featuring smooth, tight, sanded veneers for optimum surface beauty. Its factory-baked polyester painted aluminum surfaces cover both sides of the hardwood core, to creating a smooth, glossy finish.


Corrugated plastic core, double-sided aluminum for stability and strength


Alumalite is a strong, aluminum composite panel with a high-density corrugated polypropylene core that will not swell, corrode, rot, wick water, or delaminate even under prolonged water exposure.

The factory-baked polyester painted aluminum faces add high gloss brilliance and rigidity and are warranted not to crack, chip, flake, or peel. Alumalite offers a colorfast 10-year limited warranty.

Excalibur’s 500PF Series is the printer’s choice for high-production, wet-on-wet direct printing on 100% cotton light colors or on top of a flashed white underbase. 500PF is available in a wide range of colors all formulated to minimize build-up on the backs of screens. One of Excalibur’s most versatile inks 500PF can be used for producing cold-peel transfers as well as being the ink series most widely used with Excalibur’s additives suede or puff additive to transform 500PF Series colors into special effects inks. The 500PF Series is available in quantities from one quart to 50 gallon drums.

550 Series Inks are available in a range of popular, ultra high opacity colours for direct screen printing.  In most cases, 550 Series Neon Color Plastisol Inks can be screen printed directly onto the fabric or garments without using a white underbase!  550 Series Inks have excellent washability and very soft hand feel when screen printed.  These inks are extremely opaque and are designed for screen printing on dark fabric.   

Please note:  template colors may be different and not all produces/colors are represented.  Please call for more information.  

Ronan Aquacote- Water based Bulletin Color- Aquacote is a waterborne, low odor, high gloss, solid covering, acrylic Bulletin Enamel formulated for graphic arts and maintenance applications,  It is lead free, fast drying, easy brushing, environmentally friendly, VOC compliant and easy clean up.  It produces a durable, flexible, weather resistant finish and exhibits excellent adhesion to wood, steal, concrete, galvanized metal, aluminum and treated or untreated vinyl.  It is recommended for painting backgrounds, lettering copy and graphics on signs, outdoor advertising billboards, metal highway signs, commercial signs and vinyl banners.  Mell or spray.tal structures must be primed with Ronan Prime Lock DTM Primer.

Dry Time: @ 70 F.  and 50% Relative Humidity:  Dies to touch in 30 minutes; to handle- 2 hours; to recoat- 8 hours.  Will take longer to dry under colder or humid conditions.  Wait 8 hours before rolling or folding vinyl signs.  

Application method: Brush, roll or spray.  


Lettering Enamels

Designed for traditional sign painting, these oil based lettering enamels provide superior vibrancy, flexibility, durability, and single stroke coverage. Specified for fine, sign paint lettering on store fronts and vehicles, the vibrant colors of 1 Shot Lettering Enamels spread evenly and offer outstanding hiding, durability and fade resistance. Superior flow characteristics assure the virtual absence of brush marks and provide a clean, sharp edge. Ideal for use on interior or exterior metal, glass, wood, and enamel receptive banners and vinyl.

FDC 2500 Series is a high performance cast translucent vinyl film that is engineered with excellent weathering and aging characteristics. This film is designed for use in backlit applications and provides excellent even color illumination and flexibility for sign faces and awnings. This film may also be used on glass, acrylic and polycarbonate. To order punched material, use part number 2550

FDC 9000 Series is an opaque colored heat transfer film designed for application to textiles. This Thermal Advantage™ product features excellent weeding capability for detailed designs, hot or cold peel for fast applications and opacity for multi layer jobs. For use on 100% polyester, 100% cotton, poly/cotton blends and uncoated nylon.


Ronan Bulletin Colors are high quality, high gloss, lead free enamels specially formulated for use on signs and billboards. Preferred for larger scale signage, Bulletin Colors are designed for painting backgrounds, lettering copy and graphics. One coat coverage, fast dry, fast cut in and extreme high gloss produce a dazzling, weather resistant finish. Recommended for use on outdoor advertising billboards, metal highway signs, commercial signs. All types of wood, masonite, masonry and metal surfaces. Other uses include above-water marine and industrial applications where premium full gloss enamel is required. As a finish coat on all interior or exterior wood, metal, aluminum, galvanized metal, concrete and masonry surfaces, Fiberglas and many synthetics; any surface that calls for a high performance architectural coating. 
Dry Time: @ 70 F; 50% Relative Humidity: Dries to touch - 3 to 4 hours; to handle - 6 to 8 hours; to recoat - 12 hours. Full cure - 7 days. Will take longer to dry under colder or more humid conditions. 
Application Methods: Brush, roller or spray.

FDC 2100 Series is a premium quality, flexible, solid and metallic opaque gloss vinyl film designed for use in architectural signage, striping, transportation graphics and general sign markings. This series offers exceptional value for applications requiring extended durability.To order punched material, use part number 2200.

Series 2100/2200 – Premium Cast Cut Graphic Film

Series 2100/2200 is a 2-mil (50 micron) cast film is extra formable, thereby providing exceptional conformability, even on deep recesses and channel constructions on vans. The advanced adhesive system is designed to perform well on a wide variety of substrates including rigid sign faces, banners, and painted metal. Series 2100 is now available in 73 vibrant colors. With outdoor durability up to 10 years**, it withstands adverse climate and environmental conditions.

Series 2100 - non-perforated
Surface Finish: Gloss
Film Life: up to 10 Years**
Roll Widths: 15”, 24”, 30”, 48” 
Roll Lengths: 50 yards
Adhesive: Clear, Permanent

Series 2200 – perforated
Surface Finish: Gloss
Film Life: up to 10 Years**
Roll Widths: 15”, 30” 
Roll Lengths: 50 yards
Adhesive: Clear, Permanent


Series 4500 CalPlus 

Series 4500 CalPlus is a 3-mil (75 micron) calendered film that is ideal for a wide variety of applications. CalPlus comes in 28 eye-catching colors and has an outdoor durability of 6 years.

Series 4500 - non-perforated 
Roll Widths: 15", 24", 30", 48", 60" 
Roll Lengths: 50 yds

Series 4550 - perforated 
Roll Widths: 15", 30" 
Roll Lengths: 50 yds 


Series 5000 Calendered 

Series 5000, an ultra thin 2.8-mil (70 micron) calendered film is one of the most pliable calendered films on the market. The product has a high gloss finish, and is ideal for signs, graphics or displays requiring vibrant color. This new film is available in 37 bright colors, provides excellent cutting and weeding for improved productivity and has an outdoor durability rating of up to 6 years.

Series 5000 – non-perforated 
Roll Widths: 24”, 48”
Roll Lengths: 50 yds

Series 5050 – perforated 
Roll Widths: 15”, 30”
Roll Lengths: 50 yds



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